Dark Fall - Lost Souls

Dark Fall - Lost Souls 2.0

Dark Fall: Lost Souls is a first person, horror, point-and-click game
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Third game from the Dark Fall series, Lost Souls, is a first person horror adventure created by the British studio Darkling Room and published by Iceberg Interactive in December 2009.
It is a standalone game, which does not require to play the previous two Dark Fall games in order to be familiar with the story.
The plot revolves around an ex police officer, The Inspector, who was dismissed from the Police for tampering with evidence in a case of a missing child, Amy. He failed to find the child, who was abducted five years earlier, and this became an obsession for him.
Determined to find her, he arrives in an abandoned, haunted train station in the British countryside. Here his adventure begins, guided by SMS messages received from a mysterious man called Echo, and by ghostly apparitions of Amy herself.
As the story unfolds, more details will surface about The Inspector, Amy, and Mr. Bones, the prime suspect for Amy's abduction.
The game play is a basic point and click, a reminder of first computer adventure games. Most of the environments are static images, which gives the game an unfinished feeling. It also makes the game more difficult to play and very slow. Without the advantages of a panoramic perspective, there is a lot of mouse clicking to just change the view.
The lack of good graphics is compensated by the sound effects and music, which are remarkably well done.
Even if the story is not an original one, it is well integrated into the game, each puzzle solved and book or newspaper article found brings more information.
Overall, Dark Fall: The Lost Souls, is a game that's worth playing, especially by the horror adventure fans.

Cristian Ionescu
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  • Great sound effects
  • Well written story


  • Most of the environments are static
  • Basic gameplay
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